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Best Commodity Trading Telegram Channels In India In 2024

Trading is getting popular because people are investing their time in it and making money out of it. Lots of people are into it because they see a chance to make a huge profit. Apart from stocks and bonds, commodity trading is on the note of investors.

Commodity trading is different from stock trading and involves the sale and purchase of goods. A majority of people have started entering into commodity trading and earning a certain amount of profit. 

Now the question comes: how does it work, and how can you learn commodity trading by sitting at home? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s blog, where we’ll see what commodity trading is and the best telegram channels for commodity trading in India.  

What is Commodity Trading

A commodity includes a large group of goods for day-to-day use and all those things that are interchangeable with other goods. For example, gold, silver, crude oil, coal, grains, natural gas, etc. come under commodities.

Tradable commodities are mainly classified into four broad categories: metal, livestock or meat, agriculture, and energy. Precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, etc., are the metals that investors tend to invest in as they are hedged against inflation and have a high level of liquidity. Past trends show that the price of metals increases every 3–4 years with a jump.

Commodity trading is a very ancient term that has been practiced since stocks and bond trading did not even exist. In India, organized commodity trading began in 1875 with the establishment of the Bombay Cotton Trade Association.

Nowadays, investors find commodity trading a crucial way to make their trading portfolio versatile. Moreover, it can give them a lot of profit when the market is volatile and the demand and price of a particular commodity they have in their portfolio increase. 

Commodity trading, however, can be risky in cases of improper knowledge, guidance, or expertise, as their prices are highly affected by uncertainties like demand, production, weather, and any disaster. 

What are Commodity Trading Telegram Channels?

Since commodity trading requires proper guidance from experts, commodity trading telegram channels are the best source that can help a beginner do commodity trading with profit. 

A team of trading professionals or individuals runs these telegram groups for commodity trading. They perform proper and accurate market analysis and then send trade-entry signals to the subscribers.

The best commodity trading telegram channels notify their subscribers immediately whenever a profitable trade opportunity arises. These experts give instructions about entry points for trading opportunities, taking profit, and stopping loss targets. 

To ensure you don’t miss entering the trade, you must be highly active on the trade entry signal provided by the commodity telegram groups. 

Parameters for Selecting the Best Commodity Trading Telegram Channel

Nowadays, there are hundreds of commodity trading telegram channels run by professionals and individuals. But a question arises: “Which one to choose out of hundreds of commodity telegram groups?”. “What are the parameters for selecting the best commodity trading telegram channel?” 

Here are a few factors that you should check for before you choose a telegram channel for your trading journey.

Check The Authenticity of Reviews and Public Reputation

Novice traders run several commodity trading groups on Telegram. So, to ensure that you get the right advice, remember to check the authenticity of reviews and the public reputation of a particular telegram trading group on Telegram. 
Compare the Real Winning Rate and Claimed Winning Rate

It is the factor that you should check for, as in a real scenario, the best winning rate of a commodity trading telegram channel comes to around 85-98%. If a track is claiming a 100% winning rate, it is most likely to be a fraud. 

You must look for a commodity telegram group that gives trading signals that claim reasonable winning rates and stop-loss targets. 

Try and Test The Trading Signals on A Demo Trading Account

It is the best way you can check the credibility and accuracy of trading signals from the channels. Create a demo trading account and then test trading signals (at least 2 to 5) with the help of it. Most of the time, this service is free for unlimited trials, but if it is different for endless problems, test the signals on a free trial.

Check The Subscription Cost of Channel

Most of the commodity trading telegram channels offer premium groups where they provide trade signals. Before you pay for premium membership in a commodity trading telegram group, make sure that their fee is worth the signal quality and win rate they give. 

However, if you are a beginner, we recommend you join free commodity trading groups on Telegram initially.

Top 5 Commodity Trading Telegram Channels In 2024

After considering all the necessary parameters, here we're bringing you the top 5 commodity trading telegram channels:

Channel Name
Channel Link


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MYC Signals Forex and Commodities

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RTB Pips

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FX Premiere

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PIPS30 is the most recommended commodity trading telegram channel for those who wish to trade in metals, particularly gold. PIPS30's free channel has more than 53,000 subscribers, and they are highly active and accurate in providing commodity and forex trading signals.

PIPS30 has another VIP channel but without any fee. All you have to do is register with their specific broker for at least $25. They give around 1-2 daily trading signals for gold commodity trading on their free channel. Their win rate is relatively high and almost close to what they claim.

Key Features: 

● FREE OF COST access to VIP channel

● 1-2 trade signals daily on FREE CHANNEL

● 72000+ subscribers

● 90% accuracy

MYC Signals Forex and Commodities

This one is best known for the consistency and accuracy of trading signals. Moreover, their trading domain is diverse, as they offer trading signals in gold and oil.

It helps traders make a significant profit from trading; this channel offers a variety of signal setups on the MYC Forex & Comm VIP club. Their free channel updates the results of trades, market updates, trading tips, and trade analysis posts.

We observed that their typical biweekly gains range between 500 and 700 pips, a high return rate in forex or commodities trading.

Key Features: 

● 5.66K+ subscribers

● Biweekly gain range between 500 and 700 pips

● Minimal and affordable premium plans: 1 Month: $90, 3 Months: $250; Lifetime: $750

RTB Pips

Due to its precise operational framework, RTP Pips, a newly formed Telegram group, has gained popularity among commodity traders. With roughly 8,000 subscribers, it is a free commodity trading telegram group free of frequent advertisements encouraging users to join premium or VIP groups. 

Their average win rate is over 80%, a great success rate in the trading industry, even if it is a free channel.

Key Features:

● 8K subscribers

● Completely FREE OF COST channel

● 80%+ win rate

FX Premiere

Run by 20+ commodity trading professionals since 2010, FX Premiere is a leading trading signal provider for commodity trading. FX Premiere is one of the best channels for those who wish to gain a long-term profit in commodities.

Their VIP Telegram channel gives signals from up to 50+ signal sources, with an accuracy rate of 90%. The major attraction is its premium channel, which gives up to 15 calls daily but also has a free channel. 

Additionally, over 2000 Trustpilot reviews on the site attest to consumers' trust in this signal supplier.

Key Features:

● 375K subscribers

● Handled by experienced traders

● 90% accuracy rate

● Subscription plans are available at reasonable prices: $37 for a one-month membership, $97 for four months, and $199 for 12 months.


Pipchasers is an excellent channel specialising in delivering high-quality signals in line with long-term scenarios. This signal source sends out real-time alerts and posts the analysis and trade setup with expected entry, SL, and TP points ahead of time.

By sharing their trading rationale with members, Pipchasers uphold transparency and increase their trust. According to our research, most of their profitable trades earn between 200 and 400 pip. In comparison, a few transactions make over 900 pip.

Key Features:

● Best for long-term commodity trading

● 2.78K subscribers

● Genuine trading rationale 


For those new to trading or with limited knowledge of commodity trading, commodity trading telegram channels are the best source to make a profit. These channels can give valuable insights, but evaluate them based on our suggested parameters. 

Before you enter any trade, we advise waiting to enter any transaction before 9:45 a.m. As the market is highly volatile in the initial hours, let it settle first; only then is it safe to enter a trade. 

Always set a stop-loss and target before entering a trade. This practice will help you save your capital if you lose. 

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