Feeling like there is no way out to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Well, I got your back!!, check out these crypto trading youtube channels for your better learning experience and start your profitable journey. We at wealthstand curate the best of the youtube channels for you. So that you don’t waste your time searching for a learning source. Check out these crypto youtube channels and subscribe to them now.

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Krypto phonix-

This newly made channel provides you all the backtested trading strategies. This channel is purely dedicated to trading strategies. This channel will help you learn all the basics to advance level of technical indicators and strategies. It is advisable to learn from the channel and not to copy their exact trade setups.

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Money ZG-

Money ZG is a channel completely dedicated to all the financial education and it provides how-to trading tutorials. Their main focus is on cryptocurrencies and using technologies to invest in other assets as well. Money ZG was created on 4may, 2020 and now it has over 413k subscribers with around 352 videos n the channel during this short span of time. They will deliver you content consistently. After subscribing to money ZG, you will be able to trade in cryptocurrencies and understand how other financial markets work.

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Eddie moon-

With over 243k subscribers, eddie moon aims to provide you all the financial guidance, trading and investment related strategies. Eddie moon will also help you for your personal finance and your journey to entrepreneurship.

What i like about the eddie moon’s channel-

  • Honest reviews of exchange apps
  • Full fledge content on finance,entrepreneurship,motivation.
  • Successful trading strategies
  • Brilliantly explained ‘how-to’ videos

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Coin bureau-

Coin bureau is your go-to informational portal for cryptocurrency. Coin bureau is the best youtube channel for daily,weekly market news and it also provides market analysis. This is one of the best youtube channel for blockchain and cryptocurrency news updates. With over 1.98m subscribers, coin bureau keeps his audience updated with the latest market trends and there are top profitable crypto strategies available on the channel.

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The trading channel-

The trading channel is one of the most viewed trading channel. The creator of this channel is a professional crypto and forex trader The aim of this channel is to make people earn their living through trading and create financial prosperity. Thus, they have proven this so far.This channel is the best in terms of teaching technical analysis. This channel educate their subscribers by teaching them basics to advance technical analysis course.

Recommended playlist-

  • Learn structure based trading
  • Learn advanced patterns

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Craig percoco-

Owner of inevitrade,Craig percoco is professional day trader in crypto and an equity investor. With over 205k subscriber, craig percoco is able to teach his audience about day trading in bitcoin and other altcoins consistently. On his channel you will also see some great investment reviews and live trade videos. Live trading videos clearly depicts that craig percoco is someone who doesn’t lie to his audience and this makes him one of the best crypto traders.

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Bit boy crypto-

The bitboy crypto is your one-stop solution for all your crypto trading and investing needs.he is one of the most popular names among crypto traders, his work tells everything. By subscribing to bitboy crypto you will be able to get latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Learn about different altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles, & get the latest Ethereum news. We highly recommend you to be a part of his community which he calls the BitSquad.

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Why you should subscribe to youtube channels for crypto knowledge/gyaan

Everybody has a right to see dreams. Dreams to have a lavish lifestyle without worrying about the workload. Everything is possible in this world, however getting that dream lifestyle quickly isn't going to happen soon.

There are people who love their 9-5 job but aren't able to find a way to meet their extra expenses and found to be broken at the end of the month, to meet their extra expenditures, people look for side income but end up doing nothing. Still, there are people working 9-5 and have achieved financial freedom. How’s this even possible? Well, let me tell you side hustle doesn’t mean you have to work hard. It is high time to find some methods to work smart and what can be better than putting your idle money to work instead YOU grinding whole day. Your idle money into your saving account will be prone to inflation. And to achieve financial freedom, your money has to be above the inflation rate and it can only be possible by investing.Nowadays,cryptocurrencies are the best investment option, which needless to say,is the future. Cryptocurrency is the hot topic and people are so eager to learn how this blockchain and crypto works.there are hundreds of youtube channel teaching about how crypto works But due to lack of mentorship, people gets confused which youtube channel to subscribe for crypto investments and this confusion make people either leave the market or lose their money. The problem isn’t due to lack of knowledge but lack of assistance and 24x7 community support. These online gurus promise their subscribers to help them earn money but they themselves haven’t earned even a single penny.they just waste our time and money on their premium services. Now what can be done to first learn and then earn through crypto trading.
The resort to this problem lies in subscribing right youtube channels which will help you increase your crypto knowledge and you will be able to make money.
If you’re serious, then youtube can be a great source of learning for you.
Wealthstand filters and pick the genuine youtube channels which are right for you.
Trust me, after joining these youtube channels you will see that your crypto knowledge has increased significantly and as a token of thanks you surely will recommend us to your friends and family.

As the name suggests, wealthstand is a platform created by financially literate people who have mastered this field and always had hunger for financial information. That is why, they came up with the idea of providing a crystal clear roadmap to the people so that they too can level up their financial literacy. And hence, experts at wealthstand are solely dedicated to finding and curating the best channels/handles on youtube, telegram and instagram too. We are famous for helping our clients find the best youtube channel, our clients have a positive feedback and we are happy to help them. Want to know more of our services? we, at wealthstand serve our clients by suggesting them telegram channels for trading and investment. The telegram admins are SEBI registered and all of them are highly experienced. And instagram handles for learning through posts and instagram reels, instagram let’s you connect with other traders as well. And most importantly we have a list of youtube channels teaching millions of people about stock market and cryptocurrencies.

The one word answer to this question is ‘ease’. Ease of access to the world of financial markets and everything available on wealthstand is catered according to the need of our client. From instagram handles teaching about crypto to stock market telegram channels, we are the one stop solution for all your searches. Internet is full of information but have you ever thought of connecting the cluttered dots of information and organizing in such a manner that one never has to wander for the right sources of information. And here we have our expertise onboard. I hope this answer would help you better.

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". You won't be able to make money just by subscribing sny channel, you have to grasp the knowledge and practice strategies which they teach you on their channel. Your dedication towards crypto trading and deep hunger to learn different different strategies and your efforts will make you profitable. Always practice whatever you learn. Backtest the strategy and then deploy real money into the market.

If the learnt information applied right and had patience, you soon will be able to make money. Usually it takes 6-8 months to grasp fundamentals of the cryptocurrencies and to test different different strategies which are giving you a good risk:reward ratio. After that, it totally depends upon how you implement your knowledge into the market, deploying capital into any trade would not suffice, you have to have s mental toughness which we call 'balanced psychology' while trading. I hope you got your answer in brief.

Our expertise is in researching about the best digital educator snd we don't leave any point which needs to be checked before listing out channels.

The filtering criteria is very simple
  • Subscribers

    It is necessary to see if they really have a good number of people watching them, it gives a conviction that they are continuously communicating with their audience.

  • Comment section

    One of the most underrated thing while researching about anything, if you really want to know your favourite YouTuber just read their comments and see what people are commenting. And the youtuber must be responsive to the comments and he/she shouldn't be abusing their followers if someone comments something negative. It indicates that the youtuber is not there to teach and make you grow. He is just their to collect praises and more important, money from YouTube.

  • Content consistency

    It is a matter of luck when one video gets viral and the youtuber recieved huge response from the audience. But it is not easy to upload videos regularly and educate people.most of the youtuber fail to do this. That is why, we keep an eye whether they are updating their audience with the latest market buzz or not.

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