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Whether you've been trading forex for quite a few years or you're just starting out. You might have thought that- how to become a successful forex trader? And what is the roadmap to successful trading? To feed your hunger for being a successful trader you might have bought books and have watched hundreds of videos out on YouTube. But nobody has ever helped you to become a successful trader.

However, there are several YouTube channels who can teach you to read charts, efficient trading strategies,how to benefit from insider information and trading plans.
In this article,we will suggest some great forex traders YouTube channels who will help you out in becoming a successful fx trader.

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Trading 212

Trading 212 is a great youtube channel if you are really interested in knowing all the financial instruments. I.e, stocks, equity, forex, commodities, etc. They have a team of successful traders who teach trading and investing 101. They have explained each and every concept in detail so that everyone can learn and become a successful trader. If you are struggling to understand the technical indicators, we will recommend you to subscribe to trading 212 as they have mastered the art of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

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Kleveland is a US-based trader and he's been in the markets for 10+ years. He is a successful trader who teaches technical analysis and forex fundamental analysis. Not only analysis, but he has mastered the trader's psychology. If you want to improve your trading psychology and want to become a successful trader, subscribe to his channel.

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Karen Foo

Karen foo is a Singapore based forex trader, youtuber and a motivational speaker. She has an experience of over 7 years in the markets and has taught thousands of students her successful trading strategies. She has been ranked #1 in a nationwide forex trading competition. She will teach you about financing, investing and a lot more about the financial markets as well. To learn more about investing,trading, and successful forex trading strategies. Subscribe to her channel.

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Forex signals TV

Forex signals TV is a team of professional traders from around the globe. Their team has over 50 years of experience in the market and this is enough for you to know how many market cycles they have seen. They teach about forex trading strategies, how to read chart patterns, trading tips. Their videos have in-depth knowledge of how the market works and an understanding of the forex market. If you're struggling to make money trading forex, consider subscribing to Forex signals TV.

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The trading channel

The creator of this channel is a professional forex trader The aim of this channel is to make people earn their living through trading and create financial prosperity. Thus, they have proven this so far. This channel is the best in terms of teaching technical analysis. This channel educates its subscribers by teaching them the basics to advanced technical analysis courses.

Recommended playlist-

  • Learn structure based trading
  • Learn advanced patterns

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TraderNick is a US-based stock and FX market analyst. On his youtube channel, he shares his investing journey and how he turned out to be a profitable trader. If you're struggling to build a profitable fx portfolio and confused who to learn from. On his channel, he has uploaded two of the best playlists you can learn a lot from.

  • Top trading strategies and methods
  • FREE forex beginners course

Consider subscribing to the TraderNick YouTube channel.

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Crypto kingdom is one of the best YouTube channels for forex trading on YouTube. If you are struggling to make money in day trading forex, we highly recommend you youtube channel. They are successful in teaching forex trading over the years and over 2000 students have joined their education program. This channel is a must-watch for all beginners as they do podcasts with successful traders all over the globe.

Recommended playlist

  • Day trading
  • Indicators
  • Technical analysis
  • Candlestick training

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Why should you subscribe to FX youtube channels

I am sure you’re reading this article because you got tired of hearing people earning loads of money from the forex market. And you think when they can earn, why cannot I? Your thought is pretty reasonable as everybody wants to earn a side income or at least get some capital appreciation on their idle money. And it is nearly impossible to have profits without understanding how the forex market works as there is a risk factor involved in the forex market of unprecedented government regulations over international trade.

For anybody who wants to learn forex trading, there are books available on trading but which book to pick, nobody knows. Similarly, there are hundreds of youtube videos to learn from but the available information is so cluttered we don’t know where to start from? Investing and trading in the forex market requires thorough research about the market conditions but we fail to do so as we do not have proper guidance and learning source. Due to improper guidance, we tend to invest in bad currency pairs and when we encounter loss, we start to call the forex trading ‘gambling’. So, to save time and money it is required to learn the FX market from highly experienced traders from their youtube channel. To help you start your FX trading journey in a proper sense, we highly recommend you to subscribe to the suggested youtube channels.

The benefit of subscribing to youtube channels

There are numerous benefits of subscribing to our suggested youtube channels.

There you go

  • Organized content, no confusion of where to start from?
  • Our suggested YouTubers are highly experienced in this field and have mentored thousands of students over the years.
  • Easy trading and investing strategies that can help you make money.
  • Through the comment section, you can communicate with your mentor and ask them your queries.
  • By subscribing to youtube channels, you will get a sense of what needs to be learned without spending any money.

As the name suggests, wealthstand is a platform created by financially literate people who have mastered this field and always had a hunger for financial information. That is why they came up with the idea of providing a crystal clear roadmap to the people so that they too can level up their financial literacy. And hence, experts at wealthstand are solely dedicated to finding and curating the best youtube channels for the FX market learners.
We are nationwide famous for helping our clients find the best youtube channel, our clients have positive feedback and we are happy to help them.

The one-word answer to this question is ‘ease’. Ease of access to the world of FX trading, everything available on wealthstand is catered according to the need of our clients.
Internet is full FX trading gurus. And here we have our expertise on board to bring to you the best youtube channels for your investing/trading journey who are genuine and trustworthy.

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". You won't be able to make money just by subscribing to any channel, you have to grasp the knowledge and practice strategies that they teach you on their channel. Your dedication towards the forex market and deep hunger to learn different strategies, your efforts will make you profitable. not immediately but definitely. It is always suggested to practice what you learn.
Backtest the strategy and then deploy real money into the market

There is no single YouTuber in our list which does not fulfil our criteria to be selected for suggestions.

Here are a few points we keep an eye on-

  • Their background
  • Years of experience
  • A practical approach to the market.
  • What’s their audience feedback. This is a field full of gamblers and from this, if one person can come up and transform some people’s lives, it is highly respected and it indicated that the person is genuine.
  • Their lifestyle, we keep an eye on how they are representing themselves. If one is being too flashy about his wealth, the person might just want to lure his audience to pay him some bucks to train. And he is not even a trader if he is only earning from the training’s money and not trading’s money.

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