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Best Telegram Channels for Swing Trading

All Telegram channels listed here are only for educational purposes.

Do you want to upgrade your knowledge of swing trading specifically? Or do you want someone who can guide you like a teacher and help you earn good money from this market? If yes, you're in the right place.


We'll provide you with the best swing trading telegram channels that will assist you in enhancing your knowledge to enable you to earn a good return.


Our team comprises the best financial experts who monitor market conditions, factors affecting the market, and others. Our extensive research has developed the 21 best telegram channels for swing trading this time.


These channels will elevate your trading and investment knowledge and help you become financially literate.

Best Swing Trading Telegram Channels

With the ease of internet connectivity, people can search for anything on the internet now. 


Additionally, when providing valuable content related to the stock market, you can observe hundreds of YouTube channels, several websites, Instagram pages, and more. However, selecting the best Platform out of hundreds or thousands of such platforms is a big rock to climb.


Therefore, telegram channels have emerged as the best option for learning stock trading and investment strategies. Whether you're an expert or just started your journey, you can learn everything about share trading. Moreover, you also get a chance to help other fellows if you fit into the expert category.


Our recommended channels are known for their Bank Nifty Calls, Swing Calls, Intraday Calls, Options Calls, etc.


So, without wasting time, let us see these 7 best telegram channels for the Indian stock market.

List of Swing Trading Telegram Channels

Channel Name
Channel Link
Stock gainers (SEBI REGISTER)
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Nifty 50 & Stocks
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NSE Stock ProJoin Now

Stocks Pro® Officials 

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Wealth Citi
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NSE Stock Masters
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IET- The Algo Traders 
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Nifty 50 & Stocks: It is one of those few channels with specialized teams for specific investing. Swing trading is one of their categories to analyze and monitor. 

Their expert team helps you identify the proper support and resistance triggers during your investment.

Besides, their data and news keep you updated on the stock market. They work with 50 thousand members and professional traders.

In short, this is a hub for investors and swing traders. 

 Channel Features:

  • Daily NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Calls
  • More than 85% Accuracy
  • Live Support and Guidance
  • Weekly Expiry Hero-Xero Calls with 85% Accuracy and Above
  • 1:2 Risk to Reward Ratio
  • Very Simple and No Confusion Calls
  • Black Diamond Group for Master Training
  • Specialized team for swing trading that helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom
  • Monitor that capital gain to suggest the right calls.
  • Analysis of the market movement for the midterm period


StockPro®Official (SEBI Registered): It is another of the best swing trading telegram channels. StockPro ®Official is known for its accuracy and credibility.

They work with industry professionals, traders, and financial advisors. You can connect with experts to get premium facilities.

This group shares achievement updates to showcase members' profits and strategies. You can learn, apply, and make potent plans against those data. 


Channel Features:


  • 98% accuracy rate on their calls
  • A team of professionals for members and clients
  • Analysis of both the NSE and BSE market
  • Real-time calls and updates
  • Certified and the most legit group for traders and investors
  • 1.85 lakh active members in this group


NSE Stock Pro: NSE Stock Pro is one of the fastest-growing telegram channels for swing trading. With over 22k subscribers, they are in the race to become the best telegram channel that provides a free trial period for new stock market enthusiasts.

They are SEBI-registered, which marks their authenticity and trustworthiness. Their backend team keeps working and providing tips based on the latest news, which may impact the stock market trend.

They even ask new members to stay in the channel for a week, and then they can decide whether to join the channel or look for other telegram channels for swing trading.

Channel Features:


  • SEBI Registered
  • Daily Stock Market Calls and Latest Updates
  • SEBI Certified Research Analysts For Recommendations
  • Timely Updates
  • Provide NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Calls
  • Great Platform to 5x Your Trading Power


Wealth Citi: A small telegram channel with a strong team of financial advisors and share market experts works at the backend of this channel.

Since only a little marketing is done, this channel has around three thousand members, which is increasing. 

The members get daily updates on the stock, trending market news, and factors that can impact the performance of the Indian stock market.


Channel Features:


  • Lifetime Free Membership
  • Daily BankNifty Trades
  • Swing Trade Setup
  • Daily Calls and Updates
  • More than 80% Accuracy in Stock Recommendations


NSE STOCK MASTERS: Stay on the channel for a week and see the performance—that's what they mention in their bio. This statement is enough to call themselves experts in the stock market field.

They support more than 10k members who get daily calls and updates about the market. Their commitment to helping people makes them the best telegram channel for swing trading.

Additionally, they guarantee more than 90% accuracy in their stock calls. The best swing trading telegram channel can only certify this significant number.


Channel Features:


  • Weekly 3–4 Swing Trade Calls
  • Live Chat Support
  • All the Calls have More than 90% Accuracy
  • Have the option of a Diamond Membership For Greater Profits
  • Expert's Recommended Tips
  • Also, Give Daily Calls for Intraday and Option Calls for Nifty and BankNifty


IET - The Algo Traders (Intraday Equity Trade): It is one of the fastest-growing telegram channels for swing trading. Due to their regular calls, consistent market updates, and structure knowledge, they are on the verge of becoming pioneers in their domain.

They have different dedicated groups that look after all the market updates, member interaction, support, and sharing of live calls.

Only 5% have success in the stock market, and 95% of people fail because they don't have the right strategy at the right time—that's what IET can provide.

They do not involve emotions in their trading and use Algo only. That's how they get results for their members.


Channel Features: 


  • Offer Free and Premium Membership
  • Have More than 85% Accuracy in Calls
  • Live Calls and Updates
  • Live Chat Support
  • Around 5k Benefited Members


Now, since we have talked about the best telegram channels for swing trading, let's understand how to identify the best swing trading telegram channels.


This article discusses the best swing trading telegram channels that provide their members with daily calls, market updates, and live chat support. 

To learn swing trading, you can take their free trial to any channel you choose (recommended above). You can become a paid member and get more excellent benefits based on your performance. 

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