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Best Option Trading Telegram Channel

Success in any field requires correct knowledge, your attitude and commitment to learning. This is the prerequisite when it comes to entering the stock market industry.

Moreover, if you’re wanting to start with Option trading, correct knowledge, and patience become the primary requirement.

At this point, the most important question comes – How to get the correct knowledge and control your emotions while trading?

The answer is to join some Popular Telegram Channels for Option Trading and learn it. The Best Option Trading Telegram Channels consist of financial experts and experienced traders. They provide valuable information related to the stock market, shares, future predictions, chart data, and others. It helps investors plan out their trades and build a solid portfolio.

Most Option Trading Telegram channels are free to join. There are no fees required to read regular updates published on these channels.

Now, you might be wondering what are the best option for trading telegram channels in India. Well, that is what the article is all about.

In this guide, we give you the 10 Best Options Trading Telegram Channels which you can join today and make your learning process fast.

Top 10 Option Trading Telegram Channel

Below are the best telegram channels for option trading. Each group provides tips and calls regularly to help traders. These channels do not provide financial advice, the suggestions should be used only for educational purposes. All our recommendations help you to collect stock market updates, trending news, stocks, analysis, and other related information.


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Our first Best Option Trading Telegram Channel is “Option Club. The group has more than ten thousand subscribers. They regularly post market updates, trending stocks, calls, tips, and future predictions.

• 10.3K subscribers
• Monthly Premium plans available
• Timely support to all paid members
• Regular updates on the stock market and shares
• BankNifty and Nifty50 analysis
• Notification to start trailing
• Safe entry and exit points
• Daily 1–2 trades
• Non-SEBI registered group

They offer certain promises to paid members. The following are:
• Daily 1-2 calls on intraday
• Mentioned the Right entry and exit points
• Ranging profits between 20% - 40% per month
• Live market support
• Handheld guidance
• 80%-85% accuracy on daily trades
• Provide Rules for Strictly disciplined trading
• Proper stop loss and target points

Option Club is one of those best Option trading calls telegram that continuously gives more than 80% accuracy. They regularly update traders about safe entry and exit points for free. The group is free to join and there are no hidden charges. You can get the best deals and offers for a certain period. After joining you get free intraday calls in NIFTY50 and BANKNIFTY.


Our second Best Option Trading Telegram Channel is 20Paisa.com. This group has more than a thousand active subscribers. You can also check out their group by visiting their YouTube channel. Quality performance and transparency are two primary features of this group. If you are a full-time BANK NIFTY trader, this channel is for you.

• 9.4K subscribers
• Offers 95% accuracy
• Daily 1-2 bank nifty trades
• Guaranteed daily profit
• Quality performance
• Regular stock market updates

20Paisa.com is a free option trading telegram channel in India. Indeed, this is an educational group for beginner and intermediate traders.

They give you regular calls and put options in bank nifty. They offer 95% accuracy and guaranteed profit towards their analysis. However, they don't take any responsibility for your profit and loss by using their tips. So take “calls and put” at your own risk.

Still, the telegram channel is best to join for learning purposes. Regular market updates, trending news, stocks, chart analysis, etc. are free to collect from this group.


This is one of the trusted and authentic Option trading call telegrams in India. The group added more than forty thousand active subscribers. Although they are not SEBI registered, still their analysis has 90% accuracy. Both free and paid membership plans are available in this option trading group.

• 40.1K subscribers
• Daily 1-2 trading calls
• Entry and exit points posts
• Regular updates of BTST, Future, equity, and options
• On-point Stop loss and target
• 85%-90% accuracy
• Premium services available

USHA’S ANALYSIS posts daily profit and loss statements as tips to their followers and members. So the group has better transparency than others. Besides, the group has certified financial experts. It means the members get practical knowledge by scrolling the channel.

You can join USHA’S ANALYSIS for free and no hidden charges will apply. A paid membership is not mandatory but you can get special benefits from it. There are multiple premium services available for traders.

For example, a beginner or swing trading plan that offers,

• Accurate entry and exit points
• Holding for right shares
• Higher accuracy
• Consistent return investment
• 5-6 short-term equity per week
• 5-10 calls for holding
• Affordable capital


This is another emerging telegram channel for option trading. Bank Nifty Pro Trader is a specialized BANKNIFTY option group. They have more than hundred and fifty subscribers on their channel.

• 150+ Subscribers
• Trusted and authentic channel
• Non-SEBI registered
• Paid membership
• Free to join
• VIP tips and calls

If you are a serious trader in bank nifty, this group is for you. Trade on Data Institute posts all updates related to new members, their earnings, invoices, and other related information. Indeed, the group has been started by expert traders who provide premium services at no cost. No hidden charges or fees apply after joining. You should visit and check out the group for days.

After your trust, join their premium services that include,

• Daily 2-3 VIP calls
• Guaranteed monthly profit
• Entry and exit point
• Target and stop loss
• Call and put options
• 80%-85% accuracy
• Daily support and market updates

So, you must check out this group if you are serious about option trading.


Now comes another best-option trading telegram channel called NSE Stock Pro. This group manages sixty-seven thousand active subscribers. Chart analysis, trending stocks, market news, future predictions, calls, and put options are posted regularly in this group.

• 61.4K subscribers
• Intraday trading for equities
• Daily call and put options
• Entry and exit points
• Target & stop loss
• Non-SEBI registered
• No hidden fees to join

The transparency and accuracy of this group are more exceptional than others. NSE stock PRO publishes P&L updates regularly. So members can get motivated for their intraday. This channel promises 85%-90% accuracy on their analysis.

If you are an option and equity trader, join this group today. NSE stock PRO gives you all the required information to make your day trading profitable.

This channel also offers premium plans for serious traders and investors. Daily trades, holding stocks, chart analysis, etc. services are provided in their paid membership.

So go and check the NSE stock PRO telegram channel today.


This is a newly created option trading telegram channel in India. Their tagline – “Be The part of Unbeatable Accuracy” itself shows their motto and vision.

The group is free to join and has more than two hundred subscribers. Growth Stocks provide tips on Banknifty options. Besides, this group also posts stock market updates, trending news, chart analysis, future predictions, and other related information. Beginners and intermediate traders can join this emerging channel and improve their knowledge.

• 220+ Subscribers
• Daily bank nifty call and put options
• Daily 1-2 trades
• Offers 90% accuracy
• Regular support
• Market updates, news, and chart analysis

Growth stock offers 90% accuracy on their market prediction which is higher than most option trading telegram channels. There are no charges or fees applied for your joining. You can get direct access to daily calls and put options.

This is an educational channel, so take your trade at your own risk. The group is free to join but you have to send a joining request. So go and visit the telegram group today.


Are you an intermediate option trader and looking for handholding support? Check out Trade Phoenix, one of the best Options Trading Telegram Channels today. This group has more than five thousand subscribers and hundreds of premium members. The telegram channel is free to join. You can get quick access to their market analysis, charts, future predictions, trending stocks and other related information. There are no hidden charges applied while scrolling these data.

• 5.4K subscribers
• Non-SEBI registered group
• Offers Up to the 90% accuracy
• Daily 1-2 intraday calls
• Live market support
• News, trending stocks, analysis and others

Members are allowed to enjoy both free and paid services in this group. All the posts and calls are published for educational purposes. So they don't take any responsibility for your profit and loss. Every analysis and recommendation is posted by expert traders.

You can also enjoy additional benefits by joining their paid services. For example,

• Daily 2-4 Equity and Banknifty calls
• Proper target and stop loss
• Guidance for entry and exit
• Live market analysis and support
• 90% accurate data
• 1 Open position at a time
• Safe trading call


For high accuracy and highly profitable trades, you must visit, the Visitation trading telegram channel. This option trading group offers 98% accuracy in their analysis. All credit goes to the certified traders who manage the group. Vision Trading manages more than nine thousand five hundred subscribers and thousands of paid members.

• 9600+ subscribers
• 98% high accuracy
• Daily Bank Nifty call and put
• Regular Updates for future and option trading
• News, trending stocks, and chart analysis
• Multiple Paid membership plans are available

Visitors get access to all market updates, news, calls, puts, and market analysis after joining the group. This option trading telegram channel is free to join and no hidden charges are applied for visiting. Live market support and transparency are two common facilities you get from this channel.

Vision trading focuses on options and future trades only. There are several benefits available for paid members like
• Daily 3-4 calls on bank nifty and Futures
• Adjustable capital requirement
• Guaranteed daily profit
• 98% accurate analysis
• Specific WhatsApp group for paid members


Our final best Option trading telegram channel is Bombay Traders. With more than Six thousand four hundred subscribers this telegram channel successfully runs for years. This telegram group is known for its clarity and simple trading.
Bombay traders provide tips on Bank Nifty and Nifty50 per day. Free members can get one call and put options daily. Profit and loss statements, news, trending stocks, chart analysis, etc. are posted every day.

• 6400+ Subscribers
• 85% - 90% accuracy
• Non-SEBI registered group
• Nifty and Banknifty calls
• One Call and put daily
• Free to join
• A paid membership plan is available

This group offers a simple trading style for its members. After visiting the channel you can observe the simple and clean conversations about the stock market. They have a separate telegram group for a paid membership.
In Bombay traders, the admin provides live market updates, targets, losses, P&L statements, and other related information daily. You can apply their tips although the suggestions are published for educational purposes.

So today, we have discussed the 10 Best Option Trading Telegram Channels in India. You can go and visit each recommendation and start your trading journey with experts' help.
Remember, all the channels offer educational knowledge only. No responsibility will be taken if you make a profit or loss using their tips. So visit the groups, spend a little time, apply their analysis, ask your doubts, and proceed further in your journey.

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