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Best Telegram Channels For Trading In India

So, knowledge becomes the primary requirement when it comes to surviving and becoming profitable in the Indian stock market. But the question is – where to get that knowledge?

Well, telegram channels are the sources of such knowledge and joining the Best Telegram Channels for Trading is the right option for you.
These are the group of trading experts and certified financial advisors where you can understand the ins and outs of the Indian stock market industry.
Now, you might ask - "which Telegram Channels are best for trading"?
Well, that's what we're going to cover in this guide. This guide gives you the Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Trading Calls and Tips in India.

Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market Trading

Channel Name
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Wealth Citi
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The Alpha Research Join Now
Usha's Analysis
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Badshai Trading
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StoxMaster Intraday Stock
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StockPro Online (SEBI registered)
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Profits Everyday
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Intraday Tips
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Our recommended telegram groups are listed for educational purposes only. Regular updates on the stock market, trending shares, related videos, and audio are published there.
Investors should gather this knowledge to grow in stock trading. No Groups will take responsibility for your profit and loss in stock trading. So, it's all up to you which channel you want to join.


Our first best trading telegram channel is NSE Stock MarketIN. They offer a one-week challenge to newbies to see their regular performance. Then, if found satisfactory, you can opt for their premium memberships.


  • 17.9K subscribers
  • Selected premium plans available
  • Handhold support to all premium members
  • Regular updates on the stock market and shares
  • Free BankNifty and Nifty50 analysis
  • Non-SEBI registered group

This is the most reliable trading group for investors. Apart from the features mentioned above, members also get the following:

  • 2-6 Intraday Calls Daily
  • Daily Bank Nifty Calls
  • Swing Call
  • F&O Calls
  • Portfolio Advice

However, you need to purchase their premium plan to get this facility. Besides, there are free intraday calls also offered by the group experts.
NSE Stock MarketIN provides daily analysis of the stock market and trending shares. It helps members to make the right decision at the right time during trading.
Lastly, the group is for educational purposes. So there is no responsibility taken for any profit or loss. You can search the telegram channel by typing @nse_stock_master.

2. Wealth Citi

Here come our second-best telegram channels for trading. Wealth Citi is also an educational group for members. They always suggest doing your own research before investing using their tips.
Let us see some of their features.


  • 8.02K subscribers
  • Non-SEBI registered channel
  • Best for intraday traders
  • Free to join and grab knowledge
  • Daily market analysis and stocks updates

Besides these features, one of the most outstanding features of wealth city is that you can grab lifetime free access to their premium membership. For this, you have to open your Demat account in Upstox via their link.
Wealth Citi recently achieved more than eight thousand subscribers mark. This is one of the trusted and authentic groups for beginner stock traders.
Their special quality is intraday trading, where intraday experts will teach you along with other financial professionals. So, if you want to trade equities, this group is for you.
They provide the best trading calls on telegram for equity trades. The tips and stock updates are published every day on this channel. Everything is analyzed and researched by expert traders. So, the accuracy is very high, and thus the channel is reliable for the beginner as well as intermediate traders.
However, they don't take responsibility for your profit and loss. So please do your own research before following their tips.


It is one of the safest and most popular trading tips telegram channels in the list. Shree tech analysis has More than twelve thousand subscribers.
They mainly provide calls in Nifty and BankNifty. However, they are a non-SEBI registered group, so take responsibility for your profit and losses. The channel is for educational purposes only.


  • 12.06K subscribers
  • Calls in option and equity trading
  • Premium plan is also available
  • Free to join and grab knowledge
  • Regular free calls and market analysis

Regular call updates and market analyses are published in this channel, making it easy to make the right decision. Members can access the premium plan by opening their Demat account in Angel one or Upstox via their link. However, it is mandatory to trade in the account opened by their link.
Their premium plan consists of the following features:

  • Get premium service free of cost
  • Daily 2-3 intraday calls
  • Calls in BankNifty, stock options & equity
  • Banknifty trading levels
  • 3 Penny stocks for long-term investment
  • Rs. 1000 brokerage credit
  • No commission charge on IPOs, mutual funds and smallcase investing

4. The Alpha Research

Now comes Alpha Research, one of the emerging trading calls telegram groups in India. They are new in the business and stand with more than two thousand subscribers.

It is a NON-SEBI registered channel for stock trading. They mainly provide option trading tips and analysis.


  • Free to join
  • 2.67K subscribers
  • Educational channel
  • Non-SEBI registered group
  • Expertise in option trading
  • 90% accuracy on their market analysis
  • Regular calls and put options posted
  • Premium plans available for traders

The group includes expert traders in the industry responsible for providing the best trading calls on telegram channel. In addition, regular analysis and market updates are given in this group.
Profit and loss statements, trading stocks, news and stock updates are published daily. Investors can check out their premium plans,where they provide,

  • Equity cash and futures calls
  • 2-3 Penny stocks for long term
  • Daily 1-2 calls and live market support
  • Stocks with strong fundamentals for long-term investment
  • Analysis of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY options with proper risk management strategies

To become a member of their premium group without spending a single rupee, you need to open your free Demat account in Upstox via their link.

5. Usha's Analysis

If you are an intraday trader, you must visit Usha's analysis, one of the Best Telegram Channel For Trading. This channel has over thirty-seven thousand subscribers and an accuracy rate of over 94%.
Short-term future analysis, intraday trading and option trading tips are provided here. But they have more expertise in equity trading.


  • Free to join
  • 95% accuracy
  • 37.9K subscribers
  • Educational channel
  • Non-SEBI registered group
  • Premium plans available to buy
  • Stock updates, news, etc., are published

By joining this trading calls telegram group, traders can get regular call updates for free. Recently, they have also introduced a short-term equity call plan. This plan is suitable for those who can't sit in front of the trading screen for the whole day.
With a mission of financial independence, they carry some of the top industry experts in their group. Their market analysis, transparency and timely updates make this channel favourite among traders. However, the group is for educational purposes; trade at your own risk.

6. Badshai Trading

Are you an experienced trader, or do you just want to begin your stock market journey? Well, at whatever level you are, this could be the Best Telegram Channel For Trading.
Although they provide only educational calls, the accuracy of their analysis is 98%. Badshai Trading has more than three lac forty thousand subscribers on their telegram channel. Their expertise lies in options trading or Banknifty.


  • Free to join
  • 98% accuracy
  • 341.9K subscribers
  • Educational Calls only
  • Non-SEBI registered group
  • Expertise on BankNifty

This group carries top trading experts in the industry. And this is one of the most popular and oldest trading tips telegram channels for experienced and intermediate option traders.
There are no fees required to join the group. Members can get access to regular calls after joining. Profit and loss statements are shared transparently in this group.
We suggest this telegram group if you are looking for the latest market trend. Also, they don't have any premium membership plan; therefore, you can get all the required information in their free membership.

7. StoxMaster Intraday Stock

It is another best trading telegram channel for equity and option traders. StoxMaster Intraday Stock has more than one lakh forty-eight thousand subscribers.
Both equity and option calls are shared for free in this group. Although the purpose is educational, their analysis accuracy is over 95%.


  • Free to join
  • Premium plans
  • 148.2K subscribers
  • Non-SEBI registered group
  • Both equity and option calls are available
  • Market updates, trending stocks and news updates posts daily

We would suggest the group for both beginner and intermediate traders. You can grab top-class market analysis along with market knowledge.
They always suggest taking a 1:1 risk-to-reward ratio for flowing profit. StoxMaster Intraday Stock also provides live training sessions for paid members. Undoubtedly you can collect advanced and detailed knowledge about trading and investments.

8. StockPro Online (SEBI registered)

If you are not comfortable with every telegram channel, check out this one. Stockport Online is a SEBI registered and the best trading tips group on telegram.
Indeed, this is the most popular trading calls telegram group that is verified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. There are no threats of misguiders or scammers. In fact, the analysis is more technical and accurate than in many groups.


  • Free to join
  • 306.4K subscribers
  • 78.4K subscribers on YouTube
  • SEBI Registered
  • Best for stock market updates and trading
  • Live trading session from industry experts
  • Certified traders and financial advisors

Undoubtedly this is the most trusted, authentic and best Telegram Channels For Trading, where SEBI certification ensures safety and authorization.
Besides, the group is full of country experts and financial advisors. They also have a dedicated YouTube channel where the founder Dr. Seema Jain talks about the ins & outs of stock trading and give valuable advice to the audience.
StockPro Online regularly provides live training sessions at a particular time. It helps investors and traders learn accurately and the most valuable knowledge about the share market.
In fact, you can collect free information about trending stocks, option calls and puts, market news and others. You must join this group if you love to learn from certified experts.

9. Profits Everyday

Are you looking for a reliable trading channel? If yes, this one is for you.
Profits every day is the best trading telegram channel for beginner and intermediate traders.
With over twelve thousand subscribers, the group provides 92% accuracy on their market analysis. In addition, they offer tips and calls for intraday and options trading. In fact, trading tips are free to access.


  • Free to join
  • 12.6K subscribers
  • Equity and options trading tips
  • Non-SEBI Registered
  • Educational channel
  • Premium plan available
  • Free market updates and financial tips

Besides free market analysis, they also provide paid plans. Here you will get the following benefits:

  • daily 3-5 calls
  • Personal support
  • live market update in each trade
  • Tips for proper target and stop loss
  • Help to achieve small stop loss big target

10. Intraday Tips

Intraday Tips telegram channel is no less than a money-making machine. They come under a part of the 5% traders community who make money from the Indian stock market.
Intraday tips carry over sixty thousand subscribers and provide their calls with 90% accuracy. It is a non-SEBI registered group with transparent facilities.
You can also collect tips related to equity and options trading.


  • 60.4K subscribers
  • 90% accuracy
  • Regular calls and puts
  • Equity and options trading tips
  • Non-SEBI registered channel
  • Educational purposes
  • Timely market updates and news

Beginners should join this telegram group to boost their trading knowledge. In addition, their robust market analysis will help to understand trending stocks more accurately.

11. NSE Stock Pro In

Our final best trading telegram channel is NSE Stock Pro In. This trading group has over ninety-five thousand subscribers. People who trade in equities should join this telegram channel. There is no joining fee for new members.


  • 95.2K subscribers
  • 90% accuracy
  • Best for beginners
  • Best for intraday equity
  • Regular call and put published

Both free and premium tips are available in this group. Market analysis, news, and trending stock updates are shared every day. They also have a premium plan where they offer the following:

  • 2-6 intraday trades daily
  • Daily bank nifty trades
  • Swing trading tips
  • F&O trades

So at the end of the day, the correct recommendation, best support and live updates matter.
All the above-recommended channels provide all these facilities to their followers and thus found a place in the Top 11 Best Telegram Channels For Trading.


People usually don't believe in the stock market and consider it gambling. But there are many differences between the two. Stock market is all about knowledge and the right strategy.
In today's digital era, there is no shortage of sources to get proper knowledge. Today, telegram channels are emerging very fast and helping people start their stock market journey. These channels consist of finance professionals who have been in the stock market for the last several years and are thus able to recommend the right stock to pick for trading and investing.
In today's blog, we have talked about the most reputed Telegram Channels for Trading in India. Remember, all our recommended channels have educational purposes. However, they don't take any responsibility (in free memberships) for your profit and loss in trading. So you must use their tips at your own risk.
Undoubtedly the groups are best for gathering advanced stock market knowledge. So, if you're new or have a few years of experience in trading, you must join any of the abovementioned channels, enhance your knowledge, and become profitable.

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