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Tips to understand intraday trading for beginners

Understanding how to pick stocks for intraday trading is essential to becoming a successful intraday trader. Most people don’t make a profit because they don’t choose the right products to trade.

Buying and selling financial instruments for profit is called trading. This property has many assets with flexible financing; you can imagine where they went.

There are various kinds of trading in the market. So, let’s learn about intraday trading with this blog.

What is intraday trading?

Intraday means “within a day”. During normal business hours, time is limited regarding money and market security. Exchange- traded funds (ETFs) and stocks are examples of these securities. An asset's highest and lowest experiences throughout the day are also displayed intraday.

Intraday price action is especially important for short-term or day traders who want to make multiple trades in one trading session. When the market closes these busy traders will close all their traders.

The term “intraday” refers to price movements and securities traded in the market during regular business hours. To profit from short-term prices, day traders closely monitor price changes on the day and at the time of their trades. Among the intraday strategies that traders employ are spread trading, news-based trading, and scaling.

Basics of intraday trading

Intraday trading also known as day trading is a buying and selling process of stocks, futures options, commodities, currencies, etc. on the same day. Usually, when you buy shares for the long term, the seller transfers ownership to you. However, intraday trading does not require trading shares. As the purchase and sale of goods take place on the same day, no credit is given to the Demat account of the trader.

In the past, day trading was the domain of professional investors and financial managers. However, due to the spread of online trading services, any investor can participate in online stock day trading.

How to do intraday trading

Here are the tips on how to do intraday trading for beginners:

Picking the right stocks

The first thing you need to do when you start day trading is to pick the right stocks to buy. Not all products are suitable for the everyday market. Since you buy and sell during the business cycle, you should choose products with a high market value, which makes buying and selling easier.

Set the entry and exit target price

If you have selected the stock you want to trade with, the next step is to set the entry and exit target price. Blind marketing without a goal will only lead to disaster. Set a price at which you want to buy the stock and stick to it, even if the price means you can’t buy the stock. Similarly, determines the purpose for which you want to sell the product, even if it means losing additional profits that the product may or may not produce.

Don’t forget to close

The first thing you should do after buying shares is to close. This protects you from large losses if the stock moves in the direction you want. For example, suppose you bought a stock for Rs. 500, and can’t wait for it to go up. But you fixed your loss at Rs. 490 as a safety net. Now if the stock price goes against your expectations and fails to Rs. 490, the stop loss is triggered and the stock is sold at a loss of Rs. 10. Moreover, you will be protected from future discounts.

Always follow the rules

This is one of the best dating tips you can follow. It is recommended to buy stocks if the market trend is upward. If it is not good, it is recommended to shorten the stock. Having a conflict of interest in the market is never a good idea because it can backfire. For example, many people short stocks when the market is rising and wait for the price to reverse. Such returns are rare and common.

Pros of intraday trading

Intraday stock trading has the following advantages:

  • Companies don’t risk the evening news or employees going out of work.
  • Strong stop orders protect the position.
  • Traditional investors can earn higher profits.
  • Many companies have added learning experiences.
  • The risk of significant loss is reduced by buying a security on the same day as the trading day.
  • As there is no delivery fee for transferring securities on behalf of the investor, stockbrokers charge a nominal fee for daily trading.
  • As we all know, day trading can bring a lot of wealth to investors as long as investment strategies are used.
  • Any deposited money can be returned quickly at any time.

Cons of intraday trading

Intraday stock trading has the following disadvantages:

  • Regular business means more fees.
  • Possible methods like mutual funds are limited.
  • The project may not have enough time to generate revenue before it must be closed.
  • Day trading requires less than shipping, which can cause too much risk for investors so one wrong decision can destroy all their capital.
  • Intraday trading losses can have a psychological effect on an investor’s health.
  • Most traders lose money because they want to trade by getting daily free tips from multiple Telegram and WhatsApp groups.
  • No dividends or benefits are added to the day.
  • Day trading can be boring because you must constantly sit in front of a screen and watch the market.

Intraday trading strategies

Traders use different strategies every day. These ideas include:

Momentum strategy

As the name suggests, today’s trading strategies are based on taking advantage of market momentum. This includes monitoring products well in advance of major changes in market trends. That is why it is one of the best intraday strategies.

Traders buy and sell securities on this exchange. The stock selection depends on the latest news, announced acquisitions, quarterly results, and more.

Exit strategy

When it comes to day trading security, time is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. The best daily market deals involve finding products outside of the mainstream market. Alternatively, traders can decide which stocks to trade at the new prices.

In other words, investors must detect the beginning of a rise or fall in the share price. If the stock price rises above the threshold, intraday traders decide to create a long position and buy the stock.

Reversal strategy

This trading strategy involves high risk. This is because investment decisions are made based on analysis and calculations based on market trends. This strategy is more complicated than other methods.

This is because day traders need a broad understanding of the market. It can also be difficult to identify bounces and momentum.

Scalping strategy

The scalping strategy involves making money with small changes. Day traders often use this method to buy and sell commodities. In addition, this method is often used by people involved in the business world.

People note that this situation does not affect the core process or job definition. But the pricing decision becomes even more important for scaling strategies.

Moving average dividend strategy

Another good day trading in India is the Moving Average Dividend Strategy. When the price of a stock or other financial instrument moves above or below the average, it indicates a change in momentum.

When a stock price rises above the moving average, it is called an uptrend. A downtrend is when the price of a stock falls below a moving average.

Gap strategy

The gap strategy is often called the best intraday strategy and involves finding unsellable stocks before volume. The opening price of this stock represents the difference between yesterday’s closing price.

If the open price of the market is higher than the closing price of the previous day, it is called a gap.

What are Intraday trading rules?

Here are some basic rules of intraday trading:

  • Plan your trading strategy and follow it.
  • Recommend the best products for day trading.
  • Trade with the money you can afford, loss does not affect the economy.
  • To be clear. Find and select high-yielding stocks.
  • Target your profit and loss.
  • Remember to close all open positions.

Tips for intraday trading

Intraday trading is riskier than investing in day stocks. Due to the high volatility of the stock market, many investors, especially beginners, lose money in day trading.

Here are some trading tips to help investors make informed decisions:

1:- Selection of liquid stocks
  • The first intraday trading tip is to select liquid stocks for day trading because these stocks are sold before the end of the day.
  • It is also recommended to choose two or three large high-pressure fluid storage bags. High liquidity ensures that stocks can be bought and sold whenever needed, helping to preserve good results that can result from intraday price increases.
2:- Reduce risk with stop loss
  • Stop loss is used to sell a stock when the price falls below the limit. You need to identify losses to limit your losses if the stock price goes down.
  • For example: if you buy a stock at 1500 rupees expecting it to rise and then set your loss at 1480 rupees, if the stock is in that range, your loss will occur even if the price falls below 1400. You have to lose 20 rupees.
3:- Volatility stocks are a no-go
  • In today’s fast-moving markets, stocks with volatility can deliver better results. However, intraday trading can be risky and should only be done if you have good knowledge of a particular product or company.
  • Stop must be set to reduce the risk of a successful daily trade. Once the stock price reaches the stop price you set, the position will be closed immediately. This measure helps prevent serious damage from happening incorrectly.
4:- Related stocks
  • Investing in companies related to business or industry is one of the most important daily transactions. The entire business or economic development gives a clear picture of the changing economy which favors the return on invested capital.
  • The NSE website allows users to track the performance of specific markets and select detailed bullish or bearish stocks. The stock is easy to trade because its price is linked to an index or sector.
5:- Choose transparency
  • In general, it is good to invest in companies that provide relevant information about their company and operations. With all the facts in mind, your choice is easy to make. If you store important information, you can make a mistake and cause damage.
  • Only organizations with simple business processes should opt for intraday trading. Another thing to consider when choosing a modern product is the stability of the cord.
6:- Curious stocks
  • The curious stocks option is a standard stock option. These products are often affected by good or bad news in the media. Maintaining your status is easy to manage if you know how to navigate social networks.
  • However, you should be careful when trading situation-sensitive products. These products can change the direction of the media. Despite the good news, stock prices may fail.

Understanding how to pick stocks for intraday trading is essential to becoming a successful intraday trader. Most people don’t make a profit because they don’t choose the right products to trade.

If not handled correctly, intraday trading can have a significant impact on a client’s financial health. Therefore you can join intraday trading telegram channel so you can avoid risks and earn good profits with the above-day trading strategy and intraday trading strategies.


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