Earlier, twitter was the most used platform for connecting with our favorite forex mentors

But now, Instagram being the most used social media, it has become the one-stop solution for all your forex-related information. It is considered as one of the best learning platforms in the world. With many successful, albeit self-proclaimed, traders displaying their lavish lifestyles, built on forex gains, it is little wonder that many others are motivated to achieve the same.
And it is always better to learn from experienced traders. That is why in this article we bring you the best forex Instagram influencers to follow.


Profxtrades offers trading tips and market analysis, and the page is regularly updated. Over 1,000 postings, consisting of various chart patterns and helpful hints on evaluating markets and currency pair movements are available for use with the Profx app. Signal updates, training classes, live chat, and news feeds are all available through the app.
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IG handle: @profxtrades

Followers: 414,000

App: profx.app

Hither Mann

Hither Mann is a well-known figure with over 200,000 followers on Twitter. She is the founder of Fortune Academy (@fortuneacademy.official), which features articles from genuine Forex traders about their trading experiences, and she utilises it to educate traders. Hither's official page includes a few photos of her affluent lifestyle, Fortune Academy students, and scams to avoid, as well as trading classes and useful hints on being successful.

IG handle: @hithermann

Followers: 272,000


AstroFx was founded by two young entrepreneurs who have had excellent success with Forex trading. They post about the vehicles they buy and the places they travel, but they also hold Forex trading workshops and offer their fans chart analyses. They can be reached immediately through the Whatsapp link for trading support and advice.

IG handle: @astroforex

Followers: 157,000

Forex chick

The ForexChick is an Indices trading expert who made a fortune after retiring as a nurse. She is a well-known public figure and inspirational trader who provides motivating speeches and instructs novice traders. She uses Instagram to provide trading ideas as well as photographs of her luxurious lifestyle, and she also hosts live trading webinars.

IG handle: @theforexchick

Followers: 72,200


Trade4Wealth offers educational tools for all types of traders, as well as trading advice, newsletters, and free audiobooks to their followers. The page primarily contains inspirational quotations and trading suggestions, but the official website may be visited to gain access to a number of trading tools and training material, as well as the chance to register a live account with EagleFx. Please keep in mind that while this broker is not authorized, but it has been recognised by Forbes and has won several awards.

IG handle: @trade4wealth

Followers: 56,200


Forexsignals.com offers free trading signals, creative trading ideas and tactics, and educational content to help new traders in learning more quickly. This account can be used for trading recommendations, such as the best indicators for all traders, and traders can learn more about trading by participating in the multiple-choice questions posted by this account.

IG handle: @forexsignalscom

Followers: 51,900

Walter Peters

Walter Peters is the founder of Naked Forex Now, a company that offers sophisticated instructional resources on trading techniques, trading psychology, and risk management. His personal Instagram account is usually used to share inspirational photographs, but if you want to seek his expert advice and services, you can do so through the official website. Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and TradingMarkets.com have all confirmed his authenticity, and he is also a best-selling author and hedge fund trader.

IG handle: @nakedforexnow

Followers: 1,807

Why should I follow forex traders on Instagram?

Look, the simple reason is to be in touch with your favourite trader, and you'll also be able to interact more effectively through DMs. It's OK to watch their videos on YouTube and leave comments, but what if you truly need to interact 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Instagram comes into play here.
We spend the majority of our time on Instagram without realising we aren't learning anything. Why not learn more about what you enjoy on Instagram? Nothing beats getting the most up-to-date forex news and interesting facts about your preferred forex pair via posts, reels, and other mediums.
It's the most efficient way to learn about different forex trading strategies, and it will help you to catch the early moves in a pair via some news or alert.

Simply follow your favourite crypto trader's account to get closer to them.

As the name suggests, wealthstand is a platform created by financially literate people who have mastered this field and always had a hunger for financial information. That is why they came up with the idea of providing a crystal clear roadmap to the people so that they too can level up their financial literacy. And hence, experts at wealthstand are solely dedicated to finding and curating the best platforms for the cryptocurrency learners.
We are nationwide famous for helping our clients find the best financial platform guidance, our clients have positive feedback and we are happy to help them.
Want to know more of our services?
we, at wealthstand serve our clients by suggesting Instagram handles for forex trading strategies. Instagram handles for learning through posts and reels, Instagram let’s you connect with other traders as well is one of the best and quick ways to learn about the global market and how it affects the global currency market . And also, we have a list of youtube channels teaching millions of people about the currency pair trading strategies.

The one-word answer to this question is ‘ease’. Ease of access to the world of stock markets, everything available on wealthstand is catered according to the need of our clients.
From Instagram handles teaching crypto strategies to telegram channels, we are the one-stop solution for all your searches.
Internet is full stock market gurus. And here we have our expertise on board to bring to you the best insta handles for your investing/trading journey who are genuine and trustworthy.

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". You won't be able to make money just by following any forex expert on Instagram, you have to grasp the knowledge and practice strategies that they teach you there. Your dedication to the forex market and a deep hunger to learn different strategies will make you profitable. not immediately but definitely. It is always suggested to practice what you learn.
Backtest the strategy and then deploy real money in the market.

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