Tradeonomics - The Growing Telegram Channel for Indian Stock Market

The stock market influences the economy of a country. The report says less than 2% of the Indian population is directly involved in this investment.
Moreover, after web series, documentaries, autobiographies, movies are published, netizens have started showing more interest in the share market.
Nowadays, people are more aware of the potential of the share market.
Alongside, the expert Investors are making big profits within a short period. In contrast, many of them broke due to their bad decisions of picking up the company.
That's why connecting with market experts is crucial these days.
Many people lose their funds due to a lack of knowledge and ended up saying it gambling.
Therefore, you must join the top Telegram channel for the Indian stock market to gain knowledge about the working of the Indian stock market. Indeed, this is the best way to minimize your losses.
So here we are presenting one of the fastest-growing stock market telegram channels in India – Tradeonomics.

Tradeonomics - Growing Stock Market Telegram Channel In India

There are hundreds of Stock market telegram channels available in India for learning investing and trading psychologies.
Some are SEBI registered, while others own utmost trust from their clients. Still, many stock market groups run money-making businesses. That's why finding the best channel is crucial these days.
So, let us take a glance at Tradeonomics and see how it is helping needy people in achieving financial literacy.

Tradeonomics Introduction

Tradeonomics is the fastest Growing Telegram Channel for Indian Stock Market.
Richit Bid and Saksham Ahuja are two official directors of this group. They both are Economics Graduates from one of the prestigious universities of Mumbai.
They both had three years + of prior experience in the Indian stock market field. They are responsible for managing, monitoring, and hiring the best professionals for the channel.
Tradeonomics has successfully run the channel for more than a year now. They help traders and investors who want basic to advanced knowledge about the Indian stock market.
They have a team of professionals who conducts all the analysis, provide breakouts, equity updates, market news, etc. to the members of the channel.
Moreover, all the members are allowed to navigate all information for free.

Tradeonomics - Achievements

They have run this stock market telegram channel for a year now. Till date, they have successfully managed hundreds of clients' demands and industry-standard call accuracies.
Thanks to their dedicated in-house team who works the daily analysis and monitors stock charts.
They share news, latest updates, trending stocks, and more crucial information to their members.
Their commitment, dedication, and trustworthiness make them the fastest-growing stock telegram channel in India.

Below are the achievements they owned within a short period.

5000+ Subscribers -In a one-year time frame, they have successfully managed over 5000 + followers. These followers show genuine appreciation for their daily sharing of information.
Moreover, everything in this group is transparent, so anyone can freely visit, check out, and analyze their work process.

200+ Paid clients –They have designed an intermediate course for stock market investment and trading. Their experienced investors share their years of experience in this digital learning.
Tradeonomics has 200+ paid clients who believe and subscribe to their paid course to boost their marketing knowledge.

80% accuracy rate -They share breakouts, puts, and calls daily in this group. The information is well analyzed and successfully aligned with an 80% accuracy. Clients make profitable decisions by implementing those tips.

Backtested Strategies - Nothing comes with the flow in their channel. All information is published after being backtested.
Their dedicated in-house team analyses, monitors, and identifies the potential as per market sentiment.

Positive Impact on Clients Portfolio -They have 200+ paid clients who trust and follow their premium services.
Because of such results, Tradeonomics is all set to grow in multiple folds and aiming to increase its reach to thousands of members this year.

How Tradeonomics Work

Tradeonomics is free to join stock market telegram channel in India. They offer both free and paid facilities for their subscribers.
Their in-house traders and investors monitor and analyze the market chart daily; so that they can identify real-time potential with maximum accuracy.
They provide market news, the latest updates, 3-4 daily equity calls, breakouts, achievements, upcoming events, etc. in their channel.
Everything is transparent and there are no hidden charges. Thus, you can navigate all that valuable information for free.
They have the best Industry professionals who have designed their paid courses. These are the experts who have years of experience in trading and stock market investing.
However, the paid services are best suited for intermediate professionals.

Paid and Free facilities

You get stock updates for options, intraday, and others in free facilities. All information is shared based on momentum and breakouts. Members can navigate those learnings and implement them in their trading strategies.
In a paid facility, they offer potent intermediate courses. For enjoying this learning, followers need to collect their premium membership.

Membership Course - It is an information-sharing facility for index traders. Users can get additional stock updates, live chat support, and other services.
Traders who suffer from market sentiment and have doubts about strategies should follow this course.

Intermediate course - It is a three days facility for investors and traders. If you have basic knowledge of stock market trading and want to make this profession full time, you should follow this course.


So, this is all about the Tradeonomics - a fastest growing Telegram channel for Intraday trading.
In Tradeonomics, all the team members work for value and build trust with the followers.
Additionally, they are dedicated to their commitment, potent strategy, and members' privacy.
Therefore, most of their clients leave valuable feedback based on their experience and services received from this channel. Now it's time for you to follow their mission and become financial literate.

The stock market is something that can give you returns equal to your one-year salary or can make you lose your one-year income in just one trade. It is the volatile nature of the Indian stock market.
Let us consider an example. Whenever you fall sick or are stuck in some legal issues, you go to the doctor and a lawyer respectively.
Similarly, if you want to learn trading and investing strategies, you need to go to a trustworthy source that can understand your need, your level of knowledge, your goal, and your understanding power and thus recommend you the best solution out of thousands of other solutions.
Wealth stand is similar to this. It’s a group of financial experts who have been working professionally in the financial (especially in the stock market) domain for over decades and spreading their knowledge to the needy ones who wants to enter into the market and learn all the ins and outs of the market in a professional yet understanding manner.
Therefore, the wealth stand has become the first choice for most newcomers and intermediate-level stock traders and investors.
If you also want to get benefitted from the wealth stand professionals, join the best stock market telegram channels now.

Stock market is a big domain. In this domain, you can earn big if you’re an advanced-level trader or stock investor. However, if you’re just entering this field and picking up the stocks by listening to any third person who claims to be an expert in it (but deep down we know the reality), then it becomes quite difficult to earn a decent amount of profit.
Moreover, there are so many first-timers who lose their capital even if the market shows bullish trends. This happens because of their stock-picking ability.

This is when you should knock on the door of the experts.

Wealth Stand with an expert group of researchers recommends only those telegram channels that have changed the financial lives of thousands of people.
These people knew nothing initially, but as soon as they joined the recommended channel, their financial life got completely transformed and took a 360-degree turn.
Well, Wealth Stand uses the following criteria to select the best telegram channels for the stock market:

Transparency: All the recommended channels are transparent and don’t hide anything irrespective of whether you join their free plan or premium plan. They make everything clear whenever you contact them.

Accuracy of Calls: This is a mandatory criterion. Because the channels might get lots of subscribers, if their calls are not accurate, it is not at all recommended to start your journey with them.

Responsibility & Commitment: Wealth Stand has selected only those channels which are responsible and committed to providing the correct recommendations with proper risk management.

Wealth Stand is different from other recommendation websites because it has people with professional experience in the stock market domain.
They are not only experts in the stock market domain but also got some professional experience in communicating with people who want to learn about the Indian stock market and don’t consider it a game of gamble.
Apart from it, they’ve got the following specialties that ensure why Wealth Stand is different from other telegram channels providing stock market knowledge.
Separate Team for Research and Recommendation: Wealth Stand has different groups of people capable of doing their allotted work professionally. Therefore, everything from researching and writing to finalizing and recommending the stocks becomes easy and smooth for the Wealth Stand team.
Trust of People on Wealth Stand Services: In a very short duration of time, Wealth Stand has emerged as one of the best stock market telegram channel recommendation platforms. This is because of the services, understanding of what people want, and the support provided by the Wealth Stand team.

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