How to Choose the Right Stock Market Telegram Channel for Intraday Trading?

People are working very hard for the money. They are doing jobs, starting a small scale business, large scale business, and doing other stuff. But, since when the Coronovirus pandemic has hit the world, millions of people have lost their jobs and thousands of businesses have shut down. This has led to a recession in the economy.

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However, to cope up with this issue, the government is trying its best. And, with time people are also getting smarter and are finding ways to earn decent money through the stock market and online business. And, they have succeeded too. People have started showing their interest in the stock market. They want to learn how to invest and trade in the stock market. They’ve started following various expert, stock market agencies, and best Indian stock market telegram channels; but are not getting their desired result. In this article, we are going to see a few fundamental checks required before joining any telegram channel for NSE Intraday. A lot of telegram channels are there to give Indian stock market trade calls, tips, and advice. Moreover, telegram channels are the best way to get trade calls. So, if you search for the best Indian stock market telegram channel for NSE Intraday tips, you will likely come across tons of them who are claiming their expertise with an over 90% prediction rate. But, you can’t believe them blindly. Do you? Here, we share some tips for selecting the best stock market telegram channels based on a few qualities. Let’s begin…

Your level of understanding of the Indian Stock market

This indeed the first check you should perform. Sit for a couple of minutes and analyze how much you know about the Indian stock market investment strategies, Intraday, options, positional trading, etc. Analyzing your knowledge before choosing the best telegram channel will help you make the right decision. With a beginner level of knowledge, you simply can’t select a telegram channel that provides advanced strategies and methods to earn the maximum profit possible. You simply can’t do it!! So, if you a newbie trader, you should first learn how to trade. And, to learn this, you need to join a basic level telegram channel that has a step-by-step process to make you a good trader or investor.

Commitment to providing all information correctly

All SEBI registered telegram channels must be committed to provide the right quality of services at the right time. They should be committed to their recommendations and don’t give just random trade calls at the wrong time. The expert traders or best telegram channels usually don’t hesitate to share the right strategies and proper knowledge with their followers and are committed to their guidelines. They predict the levels of stocks by applying their expertise and freely share them with their telegram followers. Also, some of the telegram channels fail to give call action at the right moment or they call when the share has already gone up. Therefore, not only commitment but professionalism also matters in the selection of the best telegram channel for NSE Intraday.

Transparent with their services

You must check all terms and conditions before paying them your hard-earned money. A good telegram channel must be transparent in it’s services, recommendations, and predictions. They don’t give false belief and put every T & C’s in front of the person who wants to avail their services. Some big telegram channels trap people by showing fake profit screenshots. But the catch is, when you observe their screenshot carefully, you may find all the details like an entry, stop loss, target achieved, but not the exact date. They hide the date and show other details to the people and gain their trust. Once a person gets the people get trapped, they just ask for a huge amount as their professional charge. It has also been observed that some telegram channels give calls without stop loss and mention it as an extra paid service. You better stay away from these channels, as their sole purpose is to make money from you in the name of providing basic facilities as a premium.

Persistent with their research & result

Telegram channels which are registered with SEBI should be persistent in providing their quality services. They must be consistent with their regular search including worldwide news and the factors that may affect the stock price. They must give core values to their followers by providing them right calls consistently. Some telegram channels give the right information consistently for a few days. However, after a certain period, they fail to maintain their consistency which causes their followers to lose their hard-earned money.

Professional service charge

It is also one of the most important criteria to consider before selecting the best telegram channel for NSE Intraday. Professional charges are based upon the expertise and prediction rate of the trader or telegram channel admin. If the trader is an expert and has thousands of followers proving his predictions right, he will charge more than the usual ones. Therefore, as stated earlier also, you must check your knowledge first before starting an Intraday trade. Based on that, you can select the perfect telegram channel for Intraday trading.

Fake ones

Don’t select a channel based on the number of subscribers they have. There are many ways to increase fake followers such as creating fake profit screenshots, using fake positive comments, etc. So what you should do then? You should check the number of views on a particular post. If there is a very major difference in the number of views and number of subscribers, there must be some issue with the channel or the channel is fake. So, stay away from these channels, as they are the biggest manipulator and can only give you false commitments.

The stock market is something that can give you returns equal to your one-year salary or can make you lose your one-year income in just one trade. It is the volatile nature of the Indian stock market.
Let us consider an example. Whenever you fall sick or are stuck in some legal issues, you go to the doctor and a lawyer respectively.
Similarly, if you want to learn trading and investing strategies, you need to go to a trustworthy source that can understand your need, your level of knowledge, your goal, and your understanding power and thus recommend you the best solution out of thousands of other solutions.
Wealth stand is similar to this. It’s a group of financial experts who have been working professionally in the financial (especially in the stock market) domain for over decades and spreading their knowledge to the needy ones who wants to enter into the market and learn all the ins and outs of the market in a professional yet understanding manner.
Therefore, the wealth stand has become the first choice for most newcomers and intermediate-level stock traders and investors.
If you also want to get benefitted from the wealth stand professionals, join the best stock market telegram channels now.

Stock market is a big domain. In this domain, you can earn big if you’re an advanced-level trader or stock investor. However, if you’re just entering this field and picking up the stocks by listening to any third person who claims to be an expert in it (but deep down we know the reality), then it becomes quite difficult to earn a decent amount of profit.
Moreover, there are so many first-timers who lose their capital even if the market shows bullish trends. This happens because of their stock-picking ability.

This is when you should knock on the door of the experts.

Wealth Stand with an expert group of researchers recommends only those telegram channels that have changed the financial lives of thousands of people.
These people knew nothing initially, but as soon as they joined the recommended channel, their financial life got completely transformed and took a 360-degree turn.
Well, Wealth Stand uses the following criteria to select the best telegram channels for the stock market:

Transparency: All the recommended channels are transparent and don’t hide anything irrespective of whether you join their free plan or premium plan. They make everything clear whenever you contact them.

Accuracy of Calls: This is a mandatory criterion. Because the channels might get lots of subscribers, if their calls are not accurate, it is not at all recommended to start your journey with them.

Responsibility & Commitment: Wealth Stand has selected only those channels which are responsible and committed to providing the correct recommendations with proper risk management.

Wealth Stand is different from other recommendation websites because it has people with professional experience in the stock market domain.
They are not only experts in the stock market domain but also got some professional experience in communicating with people who want to learn about the Indian stock market and don’t consider it a game of gamble.
Apart from it, they’ve got the following specialties that ensure why Wealth Stand is different from other telegram channels providing stock market knowledge.
Separate Team for Research and Recommendation: Wealth Stand has different groups of people capable of doing their allotted work professionally. Therefore, everything from researching and writing to finalizing and recommending the stocks becomes easy and smooth for the Wealth Stand team.
Trust of People on Wealth Stand Services: In a very short duration of time, Wealth Stand has emerged as one of the best stock market telegram channel recommendation platforms. This is because of the services, understanding of what people want, and the support provided by the Wealth Stand team.

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