Earn 30000 Monthly From Swing Trading

Are you tired of all your monthly expenses which is eating up your salary?
If yes, then you might not have tried your hands into the stock market. “But, isn’t it a place of gambling?” people generally say but they hide it from you that they are earning loads of money from this source only. And I don’t want you to be left behind from this emerging opportunity of the stock market which is definitely a money-making machine. To make money in the stock market you really don’t have to sit in front of screens for hours, it can be done from your office, home, or from anywhere in the world. What you need is the right mindset and strategy from trading into stock market. But, doing in-depth stock analysis requires a lot of time and you being a student, professional won’t be able to do this alone. So, you better need proper guidance and an angel’s hand to pick you up and take you to the world of profits. And that has to be the best stock market Swing Trading Telegram Channels

Why swing trading telegram channels?

Swing trading is a method of trading for few days to 1-2 weeks and in this the trader is not required to sit in front of screen for hours to monitor the price. The intraday trading requires a lot of time during the day and for professionals it is the best idea to go for swing trading.

Who will do the analysis for me?

You just have to press buy/sell button and all the thorough research will be done by the group admins of our suggested channels. They are highly qualified and have years of experience in the stock market. They have served thousands of clients for FREE! and I want you to be a part of our suggested swing trading telegram channels

Is it possible to earn 30000 monthly side income from stock market?

All the trading and investment is subjected to market risks. The market is the supreme leader here, if your luck favors you, you might earn more than that. Guaranteeing a fixed number is a scammer’s game. We, at wealth stand check all the necessary criteria and all the parameters before giving any fixed number promises to our clients. The above figure was given considering 30% net profit in a month.
After talking to our swing trading telegram group admins. We found that they have been almost 90% successful in giving swing trading calls.
So, even if we take 5 trades, it is very much possible to get 4 trades successful.

Let’s take an example where Mr. Harshad uses 1lac Rs. For swing trading,
He takes 10 trades using 10000 in which he earned a profit of 30-40% on a single trade and as the success rate is almost 90%, 1 trade fails and he losses only 10% i.e., 10000 Rs.
After deducting loss from the trades, Mr. Harshad is still able to make almost 30% on his 1LAC capital.
As someone who is not giving his 100% time to stock market and still managing to earn up to 30000rs as side income. It is a feel-good factor for someone’s pocket to have extra money in it.


You really don’t need to start with 1 lac capital. You can start with as low as 10000rs.
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